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Connecting Over 1000+ Winery Partners

In the past 10 years, Wine Passions Sourcing have been built a strong business network in China, from the local support for importing to the distributors as well as the marketing prospective.

The wine in China has a very long history dating from 2,000 years ago, although not in a style resembling western wines until the 20th century. With the influence of western eating and drinking habits, the wine market is a fast developing market in China. Wine is now becoming the favorite drink of the wealthy younger generations of urban Chinese, and the favored drink of China’s elites. As every market in China, it attracts investors from all over the world. Many trade companies have added wine business import to their portfolio. Then they will sell wines to wholesalers, wine bars, hotels, restaurants, wine stores and supermarkets. Wine Passions Sourcing is a major foreign actor in Chinese market. Still the red wine sales are expected to continue their acceleration, with stricter drink-driving laws in China also likely to push the customers to lower alcohol grape wines (less than 15 percent alcohol).

B2B Wine Order - for hotels and restaurants

Wine Passions Sourcing support all our customers, large or small with our friendly, personal and professional service – be it a single bottle order or large ex cellars orders. We also offer in store tastings, food and wine matching, staff training and personal tutored tastings to make sure you get the most out of our wines!

As the preferred Italian wine wholesaler for hotels and restaurants, Wine Passions has a wide range of wines suitable to meet all your needs: house-pour, full wine list, special wine & food pairing etc.

  • We provide more than 300 different wine labels from all Italian regions at the right price

  • We offer free replacement of any corked bottle with no questions asked

  • We get the best deals for your tenders

  • We offer express delivery in less than 24h

  • We provide efficient & professional staff training

  • We organize wine dinners at your restaurant


Our prestigious winemakers are coming to
Hong Kong & China!


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