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 Private Labels & OEM Wine - Italian Wine

  We identify... the right wine, the right area and the right people for the needs of
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Connecting Over 1000+ Winery Partners

Your wine, your way - Private Labels
Pair our award-winning packaging design and label art with our wine-making expertise and capabilities to create a custom brand for your business.

Branding development in wine product - OEM

OEM or “Original Equipment Manufacturer” refers to companies who are manufacturing parts or products that can be purchased and rebranded by other companies. A company’s wish to outsource the manufacture of it’s product is often related to economies of scale reflexions which indeed will allow it to build its own brands without owning production facilities. Outsourcing the production of their OEM French wine brands will ensure companies to obtain quality and up-to-date French OEM wine at competitive prices.

Italian OEM Wine - works with Wine Passions

Italian winemakers or Italian wineries can choose to dedicate an amount of their production to the uses of distribution companies or others wine merchants. An OEM Italian wine “manufacturer” can be chosen by Wine Passions Sourcing (WPS) according to different outputs: wine quality, origin, price, ect… Outsourcing wine production to Italian wine specialists has allowed wine distributors and wine retails group to develop renowned Italian wine OEM brands using different Italian wine quality and origin. Those wine “manufacturer” are producing efficiently and are also well aware of novelties and innovations in wine bottling system. For wine merchants and distributors buying and rebranding, Italian OEM wines show many advantages. It allows them to spend more time on marketing high quality Italian wine at a very competitive price as they are produced by specialist who have the capability to deal with high production volume.

"The label sells the first bottle... the wine quality sells every bottle thereafter."
To us, label design is more than art; it's the emotional bridge between the wine drinker and the wine; the reason to believe at first and the reason to trust again and again.

We're the only full-service choice for private label wine. 
Our production verticals make it possible. Get everything you need— grape sourcing, custom blending, brand story, collateral, and complete finish & bottle solutions. 

Private Label Wine
Regions + Styles

Our Private Label Program includes:

  • Complete California wine portfolio

  • International Wine Sourcing Program

  • Higher-end sub AVA specific wines

  • Demographic-targeted product

  • All price-points

  • Large volumes and small lots

Private Label Design
Creative + Strategy

Our Private Label Program includes:

  • In-house packaging & brand design

  • Custom or portfolio brand concepts

  • Promo, tastings, seminars, & more

  • Nationwide network relationships

  • Export to all major markets, including Asia

  • Quick brand approval & launch


WhatsApp: (+852) 6393 6565

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