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  We identify... the right wine, the right area and the right people for the needs of
over China & Hong Kong markets.

Connecting Over 1000+ Winery Partners

Brand creator with creative value

Creator of wine brands with a strong value added with a unique positioning on markets.
We organize the production of the packaging, the labels, the corks and the capsules, the essential constituents of the identity of a distinctive wine brand. We are entirely specialized in creating new brands and in achievement of wine labels.

Our experiences as wine composers and as creator of wine product allows us to dispose a greater mastery of techniques and production constraints related to the conception and the development of a wine brand.

Wine Passions Sourcing is your B2B partner for Italian wines. Wine Passions Sourcing aims to bring Italian wines on the international markets and offers distributors and importers the opportunity to have a single partner for: 

  • direct access to a representative range of Italian wines: a portfolio of selected products under the banner of a well balanced quality/price ratio;

  • on your request, research for products based on type of wine/denomination, or target price. Our product research department will carry out selection activities. If the wine satisfies our criteria we will bring it to you.

Highlights about Wine Passions Sourcing

+ 1000 wineries checked
+ 500 wine tasted
+ recommended selection of wine




2. EASY LOGISTIC | Reducing cost and timing
- Our team helps to schedule only one pick up from our central italian warehouse
- We directly handle your order and quickly prepare all documents needed


- Free research of a specific kind of wine, following target price or denomination
- Our Italian sommelier staff and our wineries database at disposal


4. “BONUS MARKETING” DISCOUNT to enable more distribution power
- Bonus for promotional purpose calculated on year turnover


5. OEM LABEL SERVICE - private labels
- Our italian graphic designers staff is able to study your own label (if requested)
- Labels will be printed by our trusted suppliers (FREE services)


- Editing online Wine Passions Sourcing worldwide magazine
- Spread of influence through social network activity
- Better reputation of labels and brand


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